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Bbs Lolita Pics


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This is Kevin again and I want to fill you in on what happened after that
first night when I made it with my next door neighbor Jimmy and My own
I woke again after our night of wild wild male on male sex it was now 10
am and Dad was calling from the bedroom door, He was fully dressed and
as i looked at him he had a broad smile on His face saying "Kevin get up
I've got some breakfast on the table for you guy's and wake up sleeping
beauty there too"
I shook Jimmy who was naked besides me and He sat up I guess from
reflects from the night before He was getting into a 69 position, I
laughed and Told Him No we had to dress and get to breakfast. so much
was going through my mind in that short time while Jimmy and I dressed,
the whole of last night was flashing back into my mind kind of like you
hear them Nam vet's saying about the war and all.
as Jimmy and I sat side by side wordlessly putting on our white socks I
was looking at his bare feet and thinking just a short time ago they were
pressed against mine while he was fucking his massive cock into my virgin
ass, he'll I was not a virgin any more that's for sure Dad and Jimmy
took care of that. then Jimmy and I stood facing each other as we stuffed
our still half hard cocks into our white briefs, Oh god I was loving
seeing His a gain and remembering the feel of it in my hand in my mouth
in my cherry butt. I shook my head trying to clear these thoughts. We
both went into the bathroom and pissed side by side holding our cocks and
smiling as we let go our piss. Jimmy reached over and gave my cock Bbs Lolita Pics
pull and the thing was an instant hard on. I stuffed it in my pants cause
Dad was calling.
Down stairs I was surprised at the table Dad had set. Our best
table cloth, Our best china and glassware adorned the table. The food
was bacon, sausage Eggs Benedict a Pot of coffee juice. I said "Wow
Dad this is something Bbs Lolita Pics man what's the occasion here?"
Dad laughed saying "Well it's kind of a cherry busting party Kevin"
Jimmy cracked up and said as He sat down "well then I know it's not my
cherry busting party must be yours Kevin"
I said sitting and taking a much needed coffee "Yea well I guess I do
deserve this cause of you two guy's I'll walking all week with my ass
cheeks spread wide"
We finished up the large breakfast and then we went outside to the patio
to talk and Dad had a cigarette. we didn't talk much just kind of sat
there. My mind was racing filled with thoughts about last night about
now about what this all meant to me, to My dad and oh yea To Jimmy. Not
the least of which was would I be gay now?
Dad pulled me from my thoughts by saying "Jimmy, Kevin about last night,
I, well I am not sure at all that I behaved in the right way, I mean I
should have left you two alone really"
Jimmy said "OH no Mr. Kelly, no I am so glad you joined us last night God
man it was so hot but you did have me scared to death when you first
walked in"
we all laughed at the thought of that moment I said "dad me to I am glad
you joined in I mean this was the first time for me and I have to admit I
liked it, it was so wild so sexy and you were there to enjoy it all with
Jimmy "right Mr. Kelly I had been hoping to get into Kevin's pants here
for years and I am thrilled how the night turned out for the three of Us,
more then I ever dreamed it was wild, wild male sex at its best"
Dad pouring us all a coffee from the pot he bought out with us said
"Jimmy please I've fucked your ass and sucked your Dick all night I think
you can call me tom instead of Mr. Kelly"
Jimmy snickered saying "You got it from now on it's Tom and I hope tom
last night was not just a passing thing?
I said "Dad Jimmy wait a minute here You guy's are way ahead of me, I
mean I've got so many questions on this so much to know and learn, You
guys are all set with this and I got to be honest here I don't know a
fuckin thing pardon my French but i don't know so much and I am not sure
of so much what this all means here"
Jimmy patted my shoulder andI swear a tear was coming to my eye he said
"Kevin, You are right, You have had your whole world turned up side down
by last night and of course you are confused, I keep forgetting see I've
been there as they say and done that, I now know what I like and what I
was made before birth to like and I, well I am at peace with that, while
you have so much to work out here, Your Dad and i are here for you buddy"
I looked at Jimmy He was so handsome in the morning light that Jet black
hair of his and that full powerful chest I took his hand and said "Jimmy
thanks man and thanks for last night no matter what I will always love
you and my Dad here for what we shared last night, Bbs Lolita Pics thanks for
understanding buddy"
Dad i saw had a tear in his eye as well he got up came over and gave us
both a hard hug saying "Jimmy you are talking words of wisdom here and
Kevin like Jimmy said We are here for you"
i cleared my throat so as not to cry like, like well like some faggit and
said "Dad, Jimmy you guy's say you'll be there for me and that's cool OK
now I want to know how each of you knew that you liked men, How you each
got started in all this, I really think knowing that will help me sort it
all out"
Dad sat down across from us on his chair and blew air from his mouth and
said "OK here goes I'll tell my tale first, When I was just like 11
maybe 12 Bbs Lolita Pics I know before I could even shoot a load, when I would jerk
myself off I would be thinking about guy's not girls. I tried my dammest
to stop thinking about male friends but that is what got me off. One
night my cousin Billy Jordan was sleeping over At that time Billy was a
year older then me and I was excited all day thinking about going to see
Billy getting undressed in my room, maybe if I was lucky even get to see
his Dick? In my room with just the moon light to lite up the room and a
small radio on we began to strip. I didn't want Billy to see me looking
at him so I had to be cool and not be caught looking, off came Billy's
sneakers he left his socks on and I remember being disappointed not
seeing His bare feet but let it go then we stood and both took off our
shirts and down with our pants, there it was, I got my first look ever at
another boy's Dick in His briefs and I was getting hard and getting hard
fast. I tell you seeing even that young Dick in cased in those white
cotton briefs the head so well out lined had me so hot and was I guess
the start of my underwear fetish.
We were in the bed and talking and listening to the radio. Billy at one
point had His foot touch up against mine and the feel of his socked foot
against Bbs Lolita Pics my bare foot drove me nuts. His sock was kind of wet from the
sweat of all day in those canvass sneakers and it felt so sexy on my
foot, I began pressing my foot back against his socked foot. Then Billy
looked at me half up in the bed now He said. You "You like us rubbing
feet don't you?"
I couldn't think of a thing to say and while I knew I should say no I
just said "Yea feels kind of good Billy"
Billy smiled at me and was lifting up now actually getting on top of me
in our briefs saying as He did "well then i got something else you'll
love rubbing too"
He was on top pressing His boner against my boner and putting His arms
around me feeling my back I was pulling Him to me and we humped like
this Billy said as his humped me with his cock "I going to show you a
lot of ways we can have fun but you got to promise never ever to tell
anybody OK?"
Well, of course I agreed and next Bill raised Himself up and pulled down
His briefs his cock popped free and I leaned up to look at it, man was it
ever so thick and so big he was cut and the head was a real mushroom one,
I knew I loved it and would never forget the sight of my first cock. I
took it in my hand as bill was pulling down my briefs now and Billy sat
on to of me so our balls were touching, His had much more hair on them
then mine and i remember how big they were too Now we were jerking each
other off Billy feeling my balls my cock Bbs Lolita Pics and me doing to him what He did
to me. i said at one point how really big and thick His cock was compared
to mine and Billy said something that shocked the young shit out of me he
said "that's cause I get it sucked a lot and getting your cock sucked a
lot makes it bigger"
I froze I knew what "getting Your cock sucked was but hell Billy was a
kid like me how who, when I wanted to know it all. Billy Bbs Lolita Pics said He
couldn't tell me cause he promised never to tell so He couldn't "But" He
said "if you want I can show you and we can so it to each other and then
your Dick will get big like mine, want to?"
I wasn't sure but thought well I know Billy will never tell cause he
won't tell who was doing him so it would be safe and I wanted to do it.
I said "Yea but you have to do me first OK?"
Billy got up and he got us into a 69 position and He took my cock into
his mouth oh god it was so good and his mouth knew just what to do he was
going to town on my young hard cock and going to make it really grow for
me. soon Billy was licking my balls and even licking that area between my
Balls and my hole then he was licking my hole for God sake and I was
going nuts, the smell of Billy's cock and the feel Bbs Lolita Pics of all he was doing I
took Billy's cock into my mouth and I loved the feel of that steel hard
Dick in my mouth I did to Billy everything He was doing to me Yes even
licked his hairy balls and even his young hole, just like him. Then
Billy was working a finger into my virgin ass, Well it felt good so I did
it to him Bbs Lolita Pics too and then we had two fingers in each other. I said Billy
are you going to fuck me too?"
bill "Yea Tommy I want to fuck my cock in you, and you'll like it man and
you can fuck yours in my hole too"
I said "does that make your Dick bigger too?"
Billy laughed and said " I don't know but it feels real cool real cool
you'll love it tommy"
He was expert, He had a pillow under my stomach so my ass was up for him
and He spit on his hand and wet up his Bbs Lolita Pics
big cock then I felt him press
against my crack then he found his target my virgin hole and was pushing

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